Biggest Gambling Issues in New Zealand

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With laws allowing casino and betting services in New Zealand, comes the issues of gambling. The country is also facing the stigma of gambling addiction among thousands of people and of course, illegal gambling, offline and online.

The Gambling Act of 2003 regulates and determines if a casino or gambling operation is legal or not. There are rules to be followed. Unfortunately, the government can pass down one law after another, these issues will keep on coming.

Gambling Addiction

Biggest Gambling Issues in New Zealand poker chips - Biggest Gambling Issues in New Zealand

Gambling addiction is a global issue millions of people and their loved ones face, daily. Gambling addiction, compulsive gambling or problem gambling is when an individual is unable to stop gambling despite all the negative aspects he or she experiences.

It does not matter if he or she is out of money and is drowning in debt. Not even if his or her loved ones are suffering, gambling will continue. Several organizations and clinics are battling this very issue in New Zealand.

The country even has its helpline for people affected by Gambling, the Gambling Helpline. This is a 24/7 national freephone support service for people experiencing gambling problems or is affected by it.

Illegal Gambling

Biggest Gambling Issues in New Zealand handcuffs - Biggest Gambling Issues in New Zealand

Under the Gambling Act, it is illegal to establish an online gaming operation here in New Zealand. But, people are allowed to engage with online gambling as long as it is operational overseas.

Unfortunately, the act does not stop illegal casino activities online. There have been several reports of an illegal online casino being busted by police authorities in NZ.

The government, many organizations, and people concerned are putting and exhausting their resources to put a stop to these big issues for good.

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