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New Zealand law promotes not only rules but compassion, respect, camaraderie, and love for one another in a diverse nation. Every law is written and passed following the betterment of the greater good, especially for the next generation of New Zealanders.

In respect and in service of that, TulelePeisa is at it 24/7.

TulelePeisa, the meaning and the value

TulelePeisa in English is “sailing the waves on our own.” It is a term that originated from Papua New Guinea when villagers were faced with a natural disaster – sea level rising. The villagers decided to find new land to take refuge in and they did.

The phrase and its meaning quickly spread to other countries. The phrase signifies camaraderie and resiliency.

That is what we aim to promote.We do it by educating people about New Zealand laws through our online magazine. We want them to not only be informed but to engage and contribute as well.

We want people to know not only the laws they have to follow but their rights as well.

The man behind TulelePeisa online magazine

Armani Stephenson, from Wilmington, North Carolina in the US is the brain behind this online publication. Armani lived in New Zealand for many years first as a student, then a professional.

Before moving back to his hometown to build his own business, Armani promised that he would find a way to give back. That’s the story on how TulelePeisa came to be. Armani knew that just like other laws all over the globe, NZ laws are also flawed.

But he understood the essence of each law and he wanted people to be aware. So, if you want to learn everything about NZ gambling law, subscribe to our online magazine today or contact us for more.