Aerial flight over Lake Cowal, 21 November 2010


“Tulele Peisa” in the Halia language is translated to mean “Sailing the waves on our own”.  In the current context it was adopted by the Carteret Council of Elders and Tulele Peisa  to mean “Striving for strength and action through capacity building of our own people”. Tulele Peisa seeks to empower the Tulun/Carteret islanders to strive for prosperity and well being for their families through community organising, skill development and training so that they are able to make informed decisions for their future.

History of Tulele Peisa

In late 2006 the Council of Elders (CoE) of the Carteret Islands held a series of meetings to discuss the worsening effects of sea surges on their islands. The CoE were concerned that progress in establishing a relocation program for the Carteret people was going very slowly, while the erosion of their islands and the destruction of food gardens as a result of sea water surges was increasing at a very fast pace.   As early as 2001, the Bougainville government talked about relocation for the Carteret, but as nothing had ever eventuated, the CoE felt the process was not going to happen unless the Carteret people took charge and actively found a solution to their worsening situation.

The CoE contacted Ursula Rakova, the Executive Director of a significant local NGO, (Osi Tanata in Arawa, Bougainville) and requested that she bring her skills and experience ‘home’ to the Carteret to assist.  Ursula responded to the request.  She resigned from her paid employment and travelled back to her birthplace in the Carteret.

In December 2006, following a series of community meetings, the CoE decided to form the local NGO Tulele Peisa Inc.  It was decided that the Carteret people needed their own indigenous organisation to plan and implement a voluntary relocation program for the next 5-10 years.  Tulele Peisa therefore was set up to organise a well planned, staged program of moving Carteret people from their home atolls to the Bougainville mainland, where they could be safe and secure with access to economic opportunities as well as health and education services.

A constitution was drawn up and Tulele Peisa was incorporated (at that time as Carteret Relocation Program) in September 2007. In late 2007 the name Carteret Relocation Program was changed to Tulele Peisa (TP) Incorporated.

Present Strategy

TP’s aim is to facilitate an ecologically and culturally sustainable relocation and resettlement of the Tulun/Carteret Atoll community who are facing threats from climate change. The organisation focuses on three key program areas; Research and Advocacy; Building Linkages; and Training and Capacity Building.


Tulele Peisa exists to support, promote and facilitate the voluntary relocation and resettlement of the Tulun/Carteret Islanders.


Tulele Peisa will achieve their goals through:

  • research, capacity building and networking with the community, Council of Elders (CoE), churches, Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and other stakeholders who share its vision
  • active promotion and emphasis on community self-reliance to empower community to organise and mobilise to strive for a secure and sustainable future.


Characteristics and nature of Tulele Peisa

Tulele Peisa was incorporated (at that time as Carteret Relocation Program) in October 2007 under the Investment Promotion Authority in Papua New Guinea as an indigenous Carteret organisation.  In May 2007 another form was lodged to change the name from Carteret Relocation Program to Tulele Peisa Incorporated.