The Best Legal Casinos in New Zealand

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New Zealand has an extensive set of rules to promote responsible and legal casino operations in the country. Under the Gambling Act of 2003, the Department of Internal Affairs hopes to promote the true essence of gambling, fairness and enjoyment.

With the law in place, casinos are free to operate freely, as long as they follow the rules.

So, if you’re feeling lucky, here are the best casino destinations you’re gonna want to go to. Also see our guide: how to choose the best online casino in New Zealand.

SkyCity Casino – Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand’s most populous city is a top destination when it comes to casino and gambling activities.

Located along Victoria Street and Federal Street, SkyCity Auckland is one of the besthotels and casino destinations in the city.

The Best Legal Casinos in New Zealand roulette table - The Best Legal Casinos in New Zealand

SkyCity is located in the heart of the business district and is known for its 5-star quality hotel, dining, entertainment, and casino.

The Sky Tower is also one of the biggest highlights of SkyCity. But, we’re here to talk about the casino. SkyCity offers the full casino experience from table games, to slots, all the way to SkyTower poker games. They also offer premium membership to give regulars rewards and perks.

SkyCity Auckland’s gaming areas observe and apply rules implemented by the Gambling Act of 2003. They only allow people aged 20 or above to enter the casino areas. The casino is also vocal and active in reminding their patrons to be responsible and to establish a limit with their gambling urges.

The casino even has the number of Gambling Helpline on their website.

Dunedin Casino

Truly one of, if not, the best casino in all of New Zealand. Dunedin is known for its luxurious casino floor blended with the best interior design and aesthetics. Just like SkyCity, Dunedin is a hotel and casino destination.

However, Dunedin leaned more on the casino part of things. Dunedin offers the most exclusive casino memberships and accommodation all over the country.  Gambling in Dunedin aims to promote “good value” and “great fun.”

To prevent problem gambling among their regulars, Dunedin partnered with several specialist problem gambling providers.

They will even help you connect with the specialist you need to talk to.

Dunedin and SkyCity casinos are truly two of the most responsible casino centres all over the globe.