New Zealand Gambling: 3 Roles of the Ministry of Health

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When it comes to addressing big gambling issues, New Zealand is proactive. The main law for this particular issue, the Gambling Act of 2003, was administered by the Department of Internal Affairs or DIA.

Since the law was passed back in 2003, the DIA has been the main government entity battling illegal gambling, illegal casinos, gambling addiction, and other related issues. But, the DIA is not alone in carrying out this national mission.

The Ministry of Health also plays a vital role in addressing and resolving gambling-related issues in New Zealand.

The role of the Ministry of Health is divided into three.

Administering national and local problem gambling services


In New Zealand, problem gambling, compulsive gambling, or more commonly known as gambling addiction all over the globe, is a big issue. There are thousands of people experiencing this downfall and they need all the help they can from everyone willing to help out.

These national and local problem gambling services include public health offices in different cities and gambling helplines available nationwide. The Ministry of Health partnered up with casino companies all over the country to promote and provide public health services prioritizing problem gambling.

Gambling Helpline New Zealand

This is a national freephone support service active 24/7. People can call-in day and night via 0800 654 655 or send a text to 8006. The Ministry of Health is tasked in providing funding and coordinating these services.

Raising Awareness


To solve the problem, first, we must accept its presence and understand it deeply. The Ministry of Health is also responsible for educating and informing people all about problem gambling and subsequent issues.

They are not only educating people, but they are encouraging them to engage and be part of the solution. Problem gambling takes its toll not only on the person but to his or her loved ones as well.

Problem gambling will only result in negative personal, financial, psychological, and physical outcomes. The Ministry is working with HPA or Health Promotion Agency with this one.

HPA provides health promotion services for different health and personal well-being related issues in the country.

Conduct research


It is also the Ministry’s job to conduct accurate and in-depth research on the different aspects resulting in the many issues related to gambling. This is vital in coming up with ideas, campaigns, and initiatives to battle these issues not only on a national level but globally.

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