Aerial flight over Lake Cowal, 21 November 2010



Number of paid staff


Number of female paid staff

1 (Executive Director)

Number of voluntaries


Number of female voluntaries


Number of female staff in secretarial and other support staff


Board of Trustees of Tulele Peisa

(i) Catholic Church Representative Mr. Tom Viore

(ii) Education Representative Mr. Bruno Babato

(iii) Private Sector Representative Mr. Patrick Arrutz

(iv) Local Level Government Representative Mr. Ephraim Emenoni

(v) District Social Services Mrs. Mana Kakarauts

(vi) Carteret Representatives Mr. Andreas Kaholo

(vii) NGO representative Sister Lorraine Garasu

(viii) Board Treasurer Ms Salome Rihatta


Staff and volunteer expertise:

      • Ms Ursula Rakova (staff), Executive Director of Tulele Peisa Inc. Ursula graduated from the University of PNG with a Graduate Diploma in Social Administration and a Bachelor of Social Work. She is a pioneer in the PNG environmental-NGO movement. She helped set up the PNG WWF office in Port Moresby. She then joined a fledgling national environmental and human rights NGO the Individual and Community Rights Advocacy Forum (ICRAF). She was later asked to set up and to head up a new e-NGO, the Environmental Law Centre (ELC).In early 2000, Ursula left Port Moresby to return to her home province of Bougainville. She lead a new NGO, Ositanata in Arawa to provide services and training for community in post-conflict Bougainville. Ositanata became a highly respectable and well regarded civil society organisation under Ursula’s leadership.
      • Mr Basil Peso (staff)- Relocation Program Manager for Tulele Peisa who focuses on Capacity Building. Formerly a Community Development worker. Basil is trained in agriculture and adult learning education. He has worked with Ursula in Ositanata previously. He left Ositanata to support Ursula with the Tulun/Carteret relocation program.
      • Mr Augustine Awama – An accountant by training, Augustine currently works for Ositanata Inc. He is expected to join Tulele Peisa as its Finance Manager in the near future.
      • Mr Ephraim Sawa (staff) – Research and program support for the Tulun/Carteret relocation and resettlement. He graduated with a Social Work degree in 2006.
      • Mr Michael Omepa who is expected to join Tulele Peisa as the Community-based Marine Conservation Program Officer. Michael graduated with a Social Work degree.
      • Ms Rufina Moi (CoE), a Chief from the atoll island of Han and an active member of CoE who regularly assists with community organising efforts on the atoll.
      • Mr Tony Tologina, Chairman of the Carteret Task Force Committee. Tony works on a casual basis for Tulele Peisa in community organising effort. He assists with community activity liaison and co-ordination.
      • Mr Bruno Idioai, an agriculturalist and a member of the Melanesian First Farmers Network. Bruno will provide agriculture extension services and organic farming training to settlers from Tulun/Carteret to increase their food production skills in Tinputz. No contact details are available as he is based in the remote mountain village. “Bush telegraph” (contact through word of mouth messages) is used when his service is needed.
      • Ms Rosemary Dikaung, Community Trainer with Nikana Ma’atara based in Arawa. She will provide training in environmental issues with support from ACF through training of the trainers, education materials and tool kits. Digicel Mobile: +675 7204 7017 or B-mobile: +675 636 2972
      • Sr. Loraine Garasu, from Safe Housing for Battled Women & Children will provide support on relocation and resettlement counselling and training activities to increase community’s understanding of food security. Sr Loraine has an active program training clients of her parish in organic gardening. She is Ursula’s mentor. She will also assist Tulele Peisa with counselling and family mapping activities. Digicel Mobile: +675 7275 1355
      • Mr. Clarence Densy from Bougainville Centre for Peace & Reconciliation will provide guidance and training in conflict management and negotiation skills so that both the settler and host communities are equipped with the appropriate skills to manage potential conflicts if and when they arise.
      • A team of marine biologists (gender identity and name not available at the time of this proposal being completed) from The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in PNG to carry out the marine and fishery survey in partnership with Tulele Peisa. Contact – Mr Paul Lokani, Melanesia Program Director based in Port Moresby. Tel: +675 323 0699
      • Mr Linus Sia, Technical Officer, from Bougainville Micro Financial Institution (MFI) in Buka. Linus has good IT software and hardware maintenance skills. He regularly supports TP with its IT and technical needs. MFI also assists TP with their book keeping software and set up. Tel: +675 973 9317 e-mail:
      • Staff of other NGOs in PNG (eg ELC, PNG Eco-forestry Forum, Bismarck-Ramu Group) will be involved in some of the activities from time to time as the need arises.